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More Than Market Research - Gain The Information Advantage

Tom H. C. Anderson - Next Gen Market Research™ header image 6

2011 NGMR Meme Winner!

July 12th, 2011 · 5 Comments

The Next Gen Market Research (NGMR) “Make Research Meme-ingful” contest which invited NGMR members to prove that researchers can be just as creative, witty and new media-savvy as our marketing, advertising, and PR counterparts by creating their own research related Internet Meme’s.

Last week NGMR members voted on their favorites in an online tournament style survey hosted by Decipher to determine which Meme was their favorite and should win the $1,000 Grand Prize sponsored by Anderson Analytics. There were over 9,000 visits to the online voting platform last week! After cleaning the data for duplicates we have determined the winner as well as the Top-10 most popular NGMR memes.

It was a close contest with “Quant vs Qual Face Off”, an image meme submitted by Derek Sawchuk of Itracks, literally competing head to head against “The Downfall of Focus Groups”, a video meme submitted by Andreiko Kerdemelidis of VisionLive. In the end, the video based meme received more votes and slightly higher ratings.

Below is a short interview with Andreiko followed by a ranking of the Top-10 memes. It’s our hope that the contest will continue to inspire researchers to express themselves online. I plan to continue to occasionally feature research meme’s submitted by NGMR members here on the blog.

Tom: Where did the idea for your Meme come from?

Andreiko: It was sparked off by your meme competition and a few discussions on the NGMR group on Linkedin. On occasion when we pitched to very ‘traditional’ MR agencies, it would result in a ‘robust debate’, and we’d end up feeling a bit like the central figure in this meme.

Tom: Your meme certainly was popular among NGMR members, have you had any feedback on it from outside of NGMR as well?

Andreiko: Yes, it seems like it really did do the rounds, a lot of our Visionslive clients have seen it, and it quickly got two and a half thousand views on Youtube, but NGMR Linkedin group is definitely where it all started and got tweeted/shared around from.

Tom: Other than Down Fall of Focus Groups, what was your favorite meme submitted by an NGMR member?

Andreiko: My favorite was Judy Bernstein’s ‘what incentive!? we’ll break their legs‘ meme, - was simple but pretty funny and I know what she was feeling when she wrote it!

Tom: Do you have any other non marketing research Meme’s that you find especially interesting?

Andreiko: Sure, in the big wide ‘memoverse’ I love a few odd ones - Geddan meme is very interesting, and some memes I have no idea how they got out there, like ‘O RLY’ for example, or ‘Advice Dog’…

Tom: And the most important question of all, how do you plan spending the $1,000 Amazon gift certificate?

Andreiko: I’m going to get some Kindles to give to the school my children go to, as reading prizes, and maybe something nice for my wife who has to put up with a lot of my late-night work schedule.

Top-10 2011 NGMR Meme’s

1st Place: Downfall of Focus Groups by Andreiko Kerdemelidis of Visionslive (UK)

2nd Place: Quant Vs. Qual Face off by Derek Sawchuk of Itracks (Canada)

3rd Place: 57 by Tian Wei of Converseon (NY USA)

4th Place: MROC Meme by Terri Sorenson of Itracks (Canda)

5th Place: Market Research DJ by Tom DeRuyck of Insites Consulting (Belgium)

6th Place: Head in the Sand by Lenny Murphy of Biz360 (GA USA)

7th Place: Online Respondents by Dan Gersten (MA USA)

8th Place: Just Say no by Michelle Finzel of Maryland Marketing Source (MD USA)

9th Place: World’s Coolest Market Researcher by Brian Singh of ZINC Research (Canada) Two tied for 9th!

10th Place: Consumer Engagement by Aaron Robison of Qualtrics (CA USA)

Big thanks to everyone who participated, over 70 submissions several which also scored very well! If you think you have a good research related Meme feel to send them to me. I’ll be collecting them and will post them occasionally.


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